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Study of Arthur Strasser’s 1880 terra cotta bust 
“Portrait of a Man”

Study, dog

Two studies of Rodin’s “Eve.”

Polychromos pencils on Strathmore tan paper 

Pastel pencils, creta color Nero on blue Strathmore 

Golden Eagle, sketchbook, source: Audubon photo

Polychromos Pencils, toned paper

Study: Bishamonten 24 x 18 prismacolor pencil, toned paper

Study: Winged Victory, prismacolor

Silver Ewer, Portuguese, 18th century
My drawing buddies and I have been working
at the museum tis spring, drawing from the collection.
You can see how this one evolved on my blog.

Study: Lobster 20 x 24 prismacolor pencil



My name is Anne Abate and I'm an artist and retired journalist living in the Midwest. I paint to escape. I paint to engage. But mostly I paint so my head doesn't explode.

Have a look around. Stay awhile. And let me know what you think.