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 I Shot the Sheriff.  o/c. 18x24

May as Well Head For Town. o/c 24x18

In for the Night  o/c 24 x 18

Sorry, You Lose o/c 24 x 18

The Bicycle Thieves o/c 18 x 18  

All for Naught o/c 20 x 16  

Out of the Woods o/c 24 x 20  

Maya's Wedding 11 x 16

Winter Whites o/c  12 x 12

A New Year 10 x 10 o/masonite

Down, Not Out 11 x 11 o/c 

The Committee 24 x 48 o/c

Sunflowers at Play 24 x 48 o/c 

Jalapeno Blues o/panel  (sold)

Elixir 42 x 3 o/wood

Some Onions 20 x 16  o/c 

Melon Interrupted 8 x 10  o/c 

Seated Figure o/c 24 x 18 NFS

Standing Nude 6' x 4' o/c 

Fall 16 x 16 o/c

Party's Over 4 x 12 

The Wave  10 x 8 o/c



My name is Anne Abate and I'm an artist and retired journalist living in the Midwest. I paint to escape. I paint to engage. But mostly I paint so my head doesn't explode.

Have a look around. Stay awhile. And let me know what you think.